Circuit Modelling for Electromagnetic Compatibility


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Circuit modeling for electromagnetic compatibility


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A systematic approach to the design of equipment to meet EMC requirements.


What’s it about?

This book defines the relationship between electromagnetic theory and circuit theory which enables circuit models to simulate the coupling of interference, it


      describes a method of assigning component values to cables of any cross section,


      defines a transformation which allows the model to simulate coupling over the entire        range of frequencies covered by transmission line theory,


      describes a way of analysing radiated emission and radiation susceptibility,


      shows how time-step analysis can be used to simulate transient coupling,


      shows how the results of bench tests can be used to create circuit models,


      identifies and characterises design techniques which minimise EMI,


       shows how a top-down approach can be used to control the design process.


      provides access to all the Mathcad worksheets used in the analyses.


Why is it important?

In identifying a systematic approach to the design of equipment to meet EMC requirements, it enables engineers to make design decisions based on observed results during the development process. It shows why the concepts of the single-point-ground and the equipotential-ground are profoundly misleading.



It provides a platform upon which further development can be based. It improves understanding of the coupling mechanisms. This understanding enables a set of simple design guidelines to be formulated, to ensure that the system under development has the best possible chance of meeting the EMC requirements.


The book uses Mathcad worksheets to carry out the necessary computations. A full set of these worksheets is available for download
. The Mathgad worksheets have been translated into Matlab m-files, and these are also available for download.



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